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A Partnership for
Digital Transformation

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Digital Disruption in Manufacturing

Today, more than ever, non-tech companies in the manufacturing industry are being asked to be innovative technology and software providers in order to engage their customers.

This has caused an incredible need for many of our clients to partner with us in order to provide not only the vertically integrated solutions, but the digital strategies and products that create a powerful digital-transformation model.

Elements that Power Digital Transformation

The rise of powerful digital platforms and networks has sparked significant changes in the way we all work, communicate and sell.

  • Digitization

    • Products & Services
    • Customer Experience
    • Software
  • Cloud

    • Delivery Platform
    • Super Computer
    • New Information Models
  • Data Science

    • Machine Learning
    • Big Data
    • Prediction
  • API Economy

    • Publish & Subscribe
    • Real-Time
    • IP
  • Networks

    • Community
    • De-centralized
    • Scale
  • Instrumented World

    • Smart Automation
    • Sensors
    • Analytics
    • IoT

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart

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An enterprise-out digital model

We create digital ideas that are built on existing back-end solutions and/or Infor products that maximize analytical data and the cloud.


A customer journey in a digital world

At every customer touch point there is a beautiful experience tied to a platform, whether it already exists within Manticore or as an Infor solution.

  • Configure
    • Infor Rhythm Engagement Platform

    • Infor CPQ Configure Pricing Quote

  • Manufacture
    • HCM Human Capital Management

    • Infor LN Manufacturing ERP

    • Infor EAM Enterprise Asset Management

    • PLM Product Lifecycle Management

  • Track
    • Infor GT Nexus Supply Chain Visibility

    • Infor CRM Customer Relationship Management

  • Maintain
    • Infor LMS Learning Management System

    • Data Science Analytics predictions & insights

    • Cloud Flexible Super Computer

    • Infor IoT Cloud Internet of Things

Configuration web app

Give the customer the ability to make specifications with a fully integrated powerful configuration tool.

Configure web app
Infor Rhythm
Infor CPQ

Turn anticipation into engagement

Track production with real time updates and relevant content. Make changes in the production line to fine-tune every last detail.

Customization app
Engine installation
Infor LN
Infor CRM

See the artisanal craftsmanship of the handmade seats. Have the option of making a design change during production with LN’s assembly line control feature.

Interior customization
LN Assembly Line Control

Enhance assembly line parts and efficiency

With Infor LN, EAM, and Talent Science integration, the assembly line has the visibility they need to get the job done. Contextually relevant information creates a more meaningful experience for employees, ultimately helping make business processes more efficient.

Ferrari Mechanics kiosk
EAM Mechanics Workbench
Infor EAM

From factory to the hanger

Track real-time location while your aircraft is in transit.

Tracking app
Infor GT Nexus

Maintenance compliance

Help your customers manage their maintenance compliance with a robust solution that’s fully integrated with EAM and PLM.

Maintenance app
Data Science
Infor LMS
Maintenance app
Infor IOT
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First steps: A strategic workshop

H&L Digital creates and conducts a full-day Digital Visioning + Strategy Workshop with key executives and functional leads.

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Workshop exercises include:

  • Visioning
  • Prioritization
  • Contingency
  • Quick-Win Identification
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • Dependency Planning
  • Evolving a Culture
  • Operationalizing Transformation

Who's involved?

A diverse group of participants ensures there are voices from key parts of the business – from IT to the C-suite.

Client Team

  • Brand/Business Owner

    Can validate use cases as they relate to business objectives.

  • User Expert

    Advocate for the end-user; ideally has worked 1-1 with customers and has a history of growth in the organization.

  • IT / Dev

    Understands technical architecture and capibilities of today's systems.

H&L Digital Team

  • IT / Dev

    Can quickly evaluate technical architecture and modern capabilities for development validation and estimates.

  • Designer

    Turns ideas into paper prototypes; UX advocate.

  • Value Engineer

    Challenges team to go above and beyond current market landscape; directs team towards quick wins.

  • Data Scientist

    Recognizes patterns in data that can lead to optimal performance.

Groups will be formed around multiple topics (signature experiences), with each group producing three to five experience prototypes

Signature Experience


Visioning & Ideating

Exercises to start with the end in mind


Mapping The Journey

Move forward with the best concepts



Build on ideas to paint the vision, share, and vet



Business, IT, and End-User

  • Visioning & Ideating

    Exercises to start with the end in mind

  • Mapping The Journey

    Move forward with the best concepts

  • Design

    Build on ideas to paint the vision, share, and vet

  • Validate

    Business, IT, and End-User

Package + Codify

  • Identify dependencies and barriers
  • Low-fidelity designs of key functional areas for feedback
  • Back of a napkin business capability impacts and estimates
  • Development estimates

Are you ready?

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Marc Scibelli

Chief Creative Officer, Infor

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